Editing Services

Developmental Editing

Your book is written! Huzzah! Go celebrate!

But the work is far from over. You need a developmental editor. This is someone who will comb your manuscript for structural issues such as weak narrative, timeline problems, content inconsistencies, anemic or illogical (or just plain unlikable) characterization, and more. These are the “big picture” edits, and here’s what I charge to do them:

$4 per page

Line Editing

Your book is written and has gone through developmental editing! Double huzzah! Go celebrate twice!

But there’s still work to be done. You need a line editor. This is someone who will tighten your writing. A good line editor will let you know when your narration is blah, your phrases clichĂ©, your sentences repetitive, where you’re showing rather than telling, and more. These are the “smaller picture” edits, and here’s what I charge to do them:

$6 per page

Developmental & Line editing Combo

The peanut butter and chocolate of the editing world. Combine the two, and here’s what I charge:

$5 per page

*Bonus: This combo comes with a once-over on your synopsis and query letter, free of charge!

What do copyedits, proofreads, non-fiction, academic, business, web, or screenplay edits all have in common?

I don’t do them. I believe in only charging people for things I can do well. These things are not things I do well. Your money is better spent elsewhere. I would recommend looking here.

The bad news: I only take on one editing project at a time.

The good news: That means you can be assured that your manuscript will get my undivided attention!

The other good news: I can put you on a waiting list.


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